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Kiss the Flower

Extra Strength CBD Creamed Honey

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Our most popular creation:  Certified organic Lehua Blossom honey infused with CBD derived from organic hemp.  Lehua Blossom honey has a complex and delicate floral flavor with bright acidity.  The tropical flavor has distinct notes of cherry and citrus with undertones of salted caramel. Outstanding!

We always use a full spectrum (C02 extracted) CBD sourced from organic hemp for our creations.  With the gentle, low temperature extraction, a full spectrum of the naturally occurring phytonutrients in cannabis are preserved.  Full spectrum extracts contain trace amounts of THC, which can activate the body’s endocannibinoid receptors and produce therapeutic effects, without making you high.

Research has reported that CBD has beneficial impact on relief from anxiety, sleeplessness and pain.  

Each teaspoon contains 20mg of CBD and in total this 8.5 oz Jar contains 696 mg. of CBD.

To order this honey please call or text (707) 508-6977 or contact us via email.

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Customer Review:  “Kiss the Flower CBD is my new obsession!  The creamy Lehua Hawaiian flower honey is the perfect host for the CBD adding an earthy profile and making it irresistibly yummy!”  Molly B, Sebastopol CA