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Kiss the Flower Honey Co.

Star Thistle Honey

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Kiss The Flower Honey Company's  Star Thistle honey is light gold in color, and has a very mild and pleasing floral taste. This last year’s crop is the tastiest Star Thistle honey in a decade!  What makes this honey so incredible is the sweet and tart balance and long-lasting aftertaste. It has a distinct aroma of anise (some say almonds), with delicate notes of sweet and spicy cinnamon, molasses, and a distinct finish of  butterscotch. Like sage honey, starthistle honey captures the fragrance of the high desert in its flavor. It is often quick to crystallize and great for making creamed honey.

Raw, unpasteurized honey may crystallize over time—if this occurs, heat the jar gently in warm water, or scoop out the amount you'd like to enjoy and heat it separately to return it to a smoother texture.

1 Lb honey in glass jar